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PANTESSA Professional cattery of Donskoy Sphynx
Don Sphynx
Owner: Helen Pantellieieva
  FIFe Pantessa Cattery registration

UA * Pantessa's Cattery is professionally engaged in breeding the Don Sphynx. We strive to produce animals that correspond to the breed standards of the modern type. They should be with lots of folds and good relief on his head. Our ts are purebred Don Sphynx with unique character wich peculiar only to this breed. You can get to know them more closely in the section of our website."About the Breed".

The cattery constantly confirms the quality of their animals by participating in cat shows the different systems. Cats from the cattery are win prizes which is our pride.

Our kittens receive complete care and can be offered as to show career, breeding, and as pets. We will give you full advice on the care and how to feed a kitten from our cattery.

You can look at our kittens on this page. They are accustomed to use sand tray and scratching posts. They moving fully vaccinated into a new family. They have a complete set of documents. We'll sign a Contract of sale, in which all conditions of purchase.

Sincerely, Helen Panteleeva
Felinologist Breeder

Born litter "S"

Long-awaited kittens were born in our cattery. Photos will be presented later.
18 June 2019
We are waiting for the kittens
28.10.2017 a litter was born from a pair: UA*Pantessa's Tayna and Augustine Donskoy Discovery
06 November 2017
We are waiting for the kittens
25.09.2017 a litter was born from a pair: Franchesca Mai Chily Peppers and UA*Pantessa's Paul
August 16th 2017
Franchesca Mai Chily Peppers - Best of Best 4 place
The cat of our cattery cat named Franchesca Mai Chily Peppers on the club Vladmines exhibition on system WCF in Donetsk, won and became Best of Best 4 place
17 December 2017
UA*Pantessa's Vintag - Best JUNIOR
Our graduate Vintage at the international exhibition of cats on system WCF in Estonia Tallinn, the nomination received from Olga Gruzd and Alla Serimoglu and became Best Junior of the second day of the exhibition! Congratulations on winning his owner Elena Yaremus cattery "Perpetuum Mobile"
11 October 2015
WCF-Ring Adult -2 place UA*Pantessa's Jessica
15 December 2013

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