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PANTESSA Professional cattery of Donskoy Sphynx
Don Sphynx
Owner: Helen Pantellieieva
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Don Sphynx
                  Don Sphynx          
Not every naked cat is Don Sphynx. Don Sphynx is not just a cat with bare skin, and bald tail. Cat of this breed is so much more charm, cheerfulness and loves people.

The attitude of different people to Don Sphynx very ambiguous from frantic adoration (one of them is I\'m) to absolutely indifferent in disgust. Many hearts obey when a cat of this breed gets to hands. The feeling is slightly unusual when you touch the naked cat, but incredibly sweet. Warm and soft leather of this kitten, making it somehow vulnerable as an infant. Because you want keep him in your arms, protecting him from all.

Donskoy Sphynx are very intelligent and affectionate animals. They are not touchy. Donskoy Sphynx will not disregard nor any of the people. They are interested in by their owners and guests. These cats are very curious and infinitely trust people. Donskoy Sphynx can hug a person\'s neck. They can be in this position as long as it allows the guest.


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